Bone vs. Cartilage Difference Between

This is the article where you will learn the difference between bone and cartilage. These two are the main types of connective tissues in body. As compare to cartilage the bone is hard tissue while cartilage is not hard, the best example is our ear in the body. These both are also called the supporting connective tissues in body. This also provides the supports and helps our body parts to grow like, ear, brain and heart etc. The skeleton is also play important role in the movements. Let’s have little look of Bone vs. Cartilage difference in ten points.

Bone vs Cartilage Difference Betwen

Difference Between Bone and Cartilage

What is Bone?

  1. Bone mature cells are Osteoporoses.
  2. Bone matrix contains type e-I collagen.
  3. Bones have rich blood supply.
  4. Matrix contains mostly inorganic (ca ++ and – salt.)
  5. Bones are constantly reshaped.
  6. Bone marrow like structure present.
  7. They have two types, compact and spongy.
  8. It is hard, inelastic and tough.
  9. Matrix is entirely inorganic and organic.
  10. Matrix is vascular.
  11. It grows in both direction.

What is Cartilage?

  1. Cartilage mature cells are chondrocytes
  2. Cartilage mostly contains type e-II collagen.
  3. No blood circulation in cartilages.
  4. No inorganic salt in present
  5. Cartilages are not reshaped.
  6. Bone marrow is absent.
  7. They have three types, hyaline, and elastic and fibro cartilage.
  8. It is soft, elastic and flexible.
  9. Matrix is entirely organic.
  10. Matrix is non-vascular.
  11. It grown in single directions.

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