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Difference Between Hare and Rabbit

Today in this topic we are going to discuss the difference between hare and rabbit. Accept it this is true that hares and rabbits are not same as they look same and are really members of the same animal family. There are major differences in physical behavior, appearance, and existences as well. Rabbit and hare” are different from the instant they are born. Baby rabbits called kittens or bunnies. They are born hairless and blind as well. They are totally dependent on their mothers. Baby hares are called leverets. They are born with fur and sight, and they can move on their own within an hour of their birth. Hares tend to be bigger than rabbits, with longer back legs and longer ears with black patterns. The fur of the rabbit stays the same color year-round. Whereas hares change color from Grey or brown in the summer to white in the winter. Let’s read the difference between these two little and cute animals;

Difference Between Rabbit and Hare

Difference Between Hare and Rabbit

Difference of Food and Behavior:

Rabbits and hares are used to eat different foods. The rabbits desire laxer vegetables and grasses like carrots! While hare like to eat stiffer bark and branches. It makes their families in holes secretive, whereas hares make shells above ground. Only some type of rabbits is known to make above ground shells similar to those of hares. Their different living ways make rabbits and hares reply to danger differently. Rabbits prefer to head underground to hide. Hares, on the other hand, use their lengthier, tougher back legs to run away from the threat. Rabbits can be kept as pets; hares always stay wild. This reflects their behavior in the wild. Rabbits tend to be common animals that live in clusters. Hares spend most of their time by themselves, only coupling up occasionally to mate.

Difference Between Rabbit and Hare

Difference of Life in a Fast lane:

Speed is really vital to hares for their survival, especially for a class that lives on open grasslands, such as the European hares, which can run at 37 body spans per second, he said. Cheetahs, he noted, “can only manage 23 body spans a second. Those quick reactions may be countless for evading killers, but it makes hares a really poor pet. That’s another way they differ from bunnies, which the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals describes as “pleasant companion animals. Apart from its name, a jackrabbit wouldn’t make a decent pet, also. It’s called that because of its excellent ears, which repeated its names of a jackass, but it’s not even a rabbit. It’s a hare. Your attention has to be as quick as a bunny to keep these animals straight.

In short both are belonging to the same family but they are totally different from each other in the way of their living style, food and having their shells. In terms of difference, they are totally different in their bodies and physical appearance as well. Hare are stronger than the rabbits and they can run faster than the rabbits. The living style is also different from both these animals as they belong to the same family. Having some good qualities you can make rabbit as your pet.

Well that was the little summary of differences between these two animals. If you have any other information about these, don’t hesitate to share with your other friends via using below comment box. Your knowledge may be helpful for others.


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