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This is the special topic for the students of Laptop and Notebook lovers and they want to know the difference between Laptop and Notebook. These both are the different terms in the field of information technology and computing. Most of us even the owners of electronic shops are not able to make the comparisons between the variety of electronic things, including Laptops and Notebook.  Well today in this topic we’ll make comparison and read the Difference Between Laptop and Notebook Computers.

Difference Between Laptop and Computer

What is Laptop Computer?


Laptop Computer is the smaller shape of computers. As technology is going advance the sizes of electronic things are going smaller and the specifications are growing high. Laptop is all specification including in it like; Battery, Keyboard, Mouse and AC etc. Most of us frequently called Laptop computer and Notebook are some but there are many differences like, Size, Weight, Specification and Price etc.

What is Notebook Computer?


Many of us can’t make difference between Notebook and Laptop computer. It’s all about shapes because both are looking same. Notebook computer is less in size and less in weight and easily fit in your briefcase. However these are little expensive but the working power and internal hardware components have high quality. Simply we can say that it is especially designed for light weight.

What is Difference Between Laptop and Notebook?

  • The two main and the biggest difference between these both terms are laptop are cheap in price the main manufacturers are, Dell, Apple, Toshiba, Microsoft, AlineWare, MSI, Sony, Samsung, HP, Lenovo, Asus and Acer. While the notebook is little expensive and the main manufacturers are Dell, Toshiba, Sony, Samsung, Apple and HP.
  • The sizes of Laptop are in verity smaller to larger or we can say that 10” to 20” (inches) and it is heavier in weight. While the Notebook is ultra-light and smaller in sizes (PDA Sizes), but some companies are manufacturing the large sizes.
  • Laptop always come with internet floppy disk, CD, DVD and the fan cooling system adjusted in it like desktop computers. Notebooks haven’t any floppy disk, CD or DVD but we can use these components externally. And the cooling system is not much effective as the processing power of other computers.
  • The main “difference between Laptop and Notebook” that I love more that, Laptop comes with the facility of Upgradeability and have many USB ports for connectivity. While the Notebook computers come with limited Upgradeability, it is difficult to upgrade and have only two USB ports.
  • Battery Life is the main important thing for all portable devices. Laptop battery backup is less than the battery backup of as compare to Notebook computers. The battery timing is also depending on the usage of user, watching HD videos, playing games and loud music consume more battery in both devices.
  • There is also keyboard, power consumption and Graphics difference between among both terms. LapTop have full size keyboard, Consume more power and have Nvidia GeForce or ATI Radeon Graphics subsystem which is easily upgradeable. While Note-Book consumes very low power, have smallest functional keyboard and have minimal graphics sub-system.


Both offer all the features of desktop including mobility. Both components have integrated with modern technologies and used for communication and other thousands of business purposes. If you looking for which one is best for buy and best for use. So advice you both are new technologies and both have some good things and some bad things. It’s depend on human, how he/she use it. Obviously if you take care of one thing and use it properly in right way, it will work long and never become damage.

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