Difference Between School, College and University life Essay

If you are reading this article about the difference between School, College and University life Essay. It means you are a student or parent of one. So, you have finally reached a right place. In this piece of writing, you are going to learn and observe different aspects of the school, college and university life.

Difference Between School College and University

Difference Between School, College and University

  1. Family Difference

School: During school life, you have to live with your family due to various reasons. The most important one is your age factor. But this may not be the case with the kids living in boarding.

College & University: When you start your college and university, most probably you have to leave your family and start living in a hostel. While a student is about to enter college, he/she has become mature enough to take care of himself.

  1. Friends Difference

School life: You will make a lot of friends in and outside your school. These friendships will last longer because all friends know they will be together for a long time. Another factor behind these longer friendships is living in the same town or county. You can also meet with them after school time.

College life: But you will miss those friendships in college because you usually don’t know about any person in your college. In college, there are few chances that you will start a long-term relationship because everyone has his own plan for next stage of their education life: the university.

University life: Now you have reached university of your choice and got admission in your desired faculty. Here, you are likely to build strong and long-lasting relationships. The reason is that in your classroom or laboratory you will find people with same goals and future plans. So you will share your destiny with them.

  1. Your Daily Routine

School Routine: There are also a big difference of daily routine between college and university. In schools kids have the same routine and schedule to follow. Early to bed and early to rise. They cannot skip or change their routine.

College & University Routine: But, as the school kid reaches next stage, his entire routine changes. Now, he will sleep according to his preference and awake at the time of class. He is only one to manage and draw his daily routine.

  1. Education of Your Choice

School: oh little school kid, it feels sorry but you have nothing to do with your choice and taste of subjects. You will study what your teachers will tell and teach you. Either you love or hate it, you are most likely to accept this reality.

College and university: So you have passed school life which you did not like ever. Now as a fruit of your patience, you will enjoy the freedom of selecting, studying your subjects. Congratulations.

  1. Free and Relax Mind

School: While in school, the students only have to worry about their pocket money or the hamburgers, coke, French fries. Their highest level of tension is regarding exams, class test. For this reason, this life is called the best life.

College: As you reach college, you have to worry about other things. Healthy food, hygiene environment and good laundry acquire central place. Besides, you have to decide your subjects in college, how to study them and get good grades to get admission in the best university

University: Fortunately in university, you have passed college and secured a seat in university. But this is not the end of all problems. A number of serious problems are waiting for you here. The first one is about basic amenities of life. But you have solved the problem. Ok, that’s great. Next is the most serious problem, maintain your grades, completing assignments on time, and polishing your skills. This Pandora box of problems will haunt you for the next years.

Difference Between School, College and University

  1. Financial Matters

School: In school, you don’t have to worry about money. Go and ask your mom or dad. Apart from them, you can get chocolates, toys and other things from your relatives, neighbours, uncles and aunts.

College & university: At College and University stage, your childhood luxuries are no more and you are on your own. Accept and acknowledge it. Here your financially independent life starts. You start earning money and makes plans to save it or utilise it better. But, this may not happen to you all. Your expenses depend upon your college or university and its location.

  1. Discipline, Strictness Difference

School: In school, we all follow strict discipline rules and may not think of breaking it. From school uniforms to haircut, your school management dictates you. Even, in many schools, your teachers tell you where to sit.

College and University: Here starts your glamorous life. No more school uniforms and haircut. You may sit at your favourite place with a favourite partner. Don’t want to take a class, simply go outside or bunk it.

  1. Attitude Towards Grade

School: Oh my God! I got C and started crying. How did he got A+ and I have only A. These are few memories of school life, where your whole world revolves around grades, exams, results, etc. Getting low grades is a nightmare for all students,

College & University: So, you have grown up from a crying child to a young man. Your whole lifestyle and attitude have changed. Now low grades are not an issue for you. You will most probably say: Oh my God! I got C, let’s have a party. So, your approach took an 1800 turn. Yesterday’s low scores are today’s high scores.

  1. Meeting New People

School: You will find your fellows from same community or town. There are few chances of interaction with new people and cultures. Your whole knowledge of other people will be possible through books and videos only. Unfortunately, there are no chances of personal experiences.

School & University: It always fascinated you to meet new people, but you did not get a chance. Don’t worry! You have come to right place to meet new people, see new cultures and listen to new stories and enjoy in other ways. During your whole time, you will always find new people wanting to tell you about themselves. So, make yourself ready for this new era of life.

  1. Personal Development:

School: You will not find adequate opportunities for your development. A reason may be that a kid at this stage does not have mantle or maturity level. But, if you are special, you can develop yourself on your own. Otherwise, sorry! You will remain mama’s child.

College and University: At this stage of your life, you may avail personal development and improvement courses, classes, etc. As the level of your personal development will rise, so your maturity level will improve.

Difference Between School, College and University

  1. Extra-curricular Activities

School: Schools have limited areas of extracurricular activities. Those activities are usually related to your education and building your self-confidence. You are encouraged to take part in speech competition, tennis tournaments and other championships. There are few chances that you will be allowed to follow your favourite activity which is not permitted by the school.

College and University: After reaching college or university, you will find a large number of those activities, which you missed in school days. You are now free to join photography society, music band, theatre, etc. You are most likely to find ample opportunities for polishing your skills and become a star in your institute.

  1. Career

School: In schools, almost no children have any idea about his future plans, i.e. education, career, etc. These children live happily without having any tension or stress about their future. It is common that all children want to become pilot, police officer, or an actor.

College & University: Now you have worries regarding your future, career and education. You will try to make plans and decide about lifetime career. Now you have to come out of fantasy world and face bitter realities of this world. There is no path to escape but a road filled with challenges.

  1. Challenges and their Effects

School: Are you facing a serious problem? What will you do? Let me guess. You are going to share it with your elders. Okay. And they have solved your problem. So, the result is you did not learn anything from that experience.

College & University: You are facing the same situation. But, there is no one to help you except yourself. To overcome that issue, you will evaluate the situations and find out the solutions. At first, you will find these issues irritating and annoying. But, the exposure to the problem will not only improve your experience and maturity but also enable you to solve that issue.

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